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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
02 March 2016 @ 01:02 pm

This is mostly a fandom journal. Not much in terms of personal ramblings.
oh and this is a place of welcoming, so you should just get the hell out
only asymptotic approaches to the truth
10 November 2013 @ 06:02 pm
       001-024 Sleepy Hollow
       025-042 Elementary [Season 1+ Season 2]
       043-047 Brooklyn Nine Nine
       048-055 The Hour BBC [series 1]

      19e20h08 b03
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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
21 July 2013 @ 08:42 pm

Icon dump once again (dubiously colored and cropped). If you use, please don't hotlink!

001-016 Friday Night Lights (s01)
017-032 Mad Men (s01)
033-060 The Mindy Project (s01)
061-074 New Girl (s02)
075-108 Pushing Daisies (s01)
109-160 Teen Wolf (s03)

 photo fnl01_zpsac0a9024.jpg  photo tw13_zpse1f6679f.jpg  photo mp15_zpse207fada.jpg

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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
23 December 2012 @ 11:29 pm
one more icon dump. One day I will learn texture use I promise. Please don't hotlink if you use!

(001-020 Celebs: various 
(021-055) Films: Never Let Me Go, Pride and Prejudice, Saawariya
(056-257 Television: Firefly, Game of Thrones, Generation Kill, Gossip Girl, Parks and Recreation, Teen Wolf
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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
09 December 2012 @ 08:10 pm
I made a few icons even without knowing what it means to texture (let's pretend I wanted to focus on cropping and coloring to make myself feel better). Please don't hotlink and that's it!
001-050 Alaipayuthey
051-075 Delhi 6

076-100 Chicago Fire
101-125 Elementary
125-150 New Girl  
al09 d13 cf20
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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
29 November 2012 @ 11:52 pm
I just had these icons clogging up space on my hardrive so thought I would just post them now. Um, if you use don't hotlink really.
001-029 Lost 
030-046 Merlin 
047-063 Doctor Who
064-078 New Girl
079-089 TSCC
090-107 Skins
108-113 The Hour
114-118 Teen Wolf
119-121 Pan Am
121-123 North & South

127-135 Delhi 6
136-140 Aisha

l25 tscc02 skins13 
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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
16 August 2012 @ 03:12 pm
So I um acquired the THG download I guess, and um. Well regardless of my personal feelings about the fuckery of the casting (sorry y'all love JLaw and she was the best in it but still) I just enjoy the film visually? Like, I am not done with the books yet and don't know if I will finish it, but the whole aesthetics just was amazing as was the soundtrack? I think I cried in the theater which made everyone laugh. Although the recent casting bullshit has turned me off the film, yet again. 

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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
24 May 2012 @ 02:27 pm
01 pretentious
a logic of the heart (because what does love what to do with it?) |  .rar/listen*

A fanmix that initially was supposed to have a theme of break down of idol tropes etc but later just turned into feels and incoherence (because feelings are harder and looking for related quotes to the songs chosen: even harder).  

i am a romantic about football (and can pretend about the notebook so call me maybeCollapse )

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only asymptotic approaches to the truth
12 April 2012 @ 04:35 pm
 I just felt a need to spam her faaace because ugh I saw some weird hate (and I have seen really strange hate for her before but this kind of took the cake). Aaanyways, as you can see, I like caps that are long shots and pretty people looking off camera!!! Hope you enjoy my spam of series one and two! 
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Current Music: Pichai Nirame- Alaipayuthey
only asymptotic approaches to the truth
12 April 2012 @ 12:10 pm
Lol do you ever just sit there and laugh at your favorites celeb? 
Like for the past 15 minutes I imagined Sonam reviewing stuff and she would be such a pretentious fuck and all that jazz.
"It's so Kafkaesque but not really?" or "This inspired me to be where I am today- fabulous."
She's a mix of shit Beyonce says video and Kit Harrington rullness. 
L o s e r. 
Oh and she's Zayn as well!